About Us

E.H. & Associates provides superb representation for manufacturing companies in the industrial industry. With over 40 years of experience serving the state of Michigan, we have cultivated extensive industry knowledge and a strong network of clients.

Our Approach

At E.H. & Associates, we utilize a unique marketing approach that allows us to bridge the gap between end-users and distributors. Each of us spends a good portion of our sales time making end-user calls with distributor sales people. This team approach showcases our willingness to go the extra mile in order to assist our customers in meeting their tooling needs.

Offering More Than Just Sales

We take great pride in our industry expertise and our strong relationships, which is why every effort is made to act as an extension of the companies who hire our services. Distributor email marketing, product sheets, and brochures are just a few of the marketing services we offer when you hire our services.

Our Team

Greg Baumker

(586) 484-9775
[email protected]
Gary Ozias

Sales & Service
(248) 568-7783
[email protected]

Barry Karlson

Vice President
(616) 485-5459
[email protected]

Lori Pelzel

Office Manager
(248) 869-2100
[email protected]

McKenna Baumker

Marketing Manager
(248) 869-2100
[email protected]

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